Alexandra Lewis


Equine Bodywork


White Horse getting a Pulse PEMF Treatment and yawning

PEMF and Bodywork by Alex Lewis

Alex combines her years of Equine Bodywork experience with her PEMF, Pulse Electro Magnetic Frequency, to provide horses with the ultimate healing and pain relief remedy. PEMF therapy involves the use of low-frequency electromagnetic waves to promote natural cellular regeneration, accelerating the healing process by reducing inflammation and relieving pain in a very fast and effective way in horses. Alex targets tension areas that she finds in the horse's body with PEMF, promoting optimal healing and recovery.

Combining wellness modalities like Equine Bodywork and PEMF together provides horses with a wide range of benefits, including:

Horses love when Alex puts her hands on them, releasing and relaxing, and they enjoy every minute of their bodywork session! Alex's keen sense of touch and intuitive nature allow her to identify tension, and problem areas in a targeted and effective way. By combining Equine Bodywork to seek out tension areas and PEMF to recharge cells and trigger the 'rest and digest' system, the Parasympathetic System, horses can receive the ultimate healing and pain relief experience, helping them to feel their best and perform at their highest level. Alex's personalized approach to equine therapy ensures that each horse receives the treatment they need to optimize their physical and emotional well-being.